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The DUNCAN Sweater features a unique cut, combining the comfort of a basic, oversized fit with the distinctive drape of a poncho around the waist. The perfect half-circle hemline gives this sweater a unique silhouette that sets it apart from the rest. Made from a dense, snug sweater fabric, this piece offers warmth in a fashionable manner. The subtle ornamental sewing pattern follows the simple shape of the sweater, contributing a refined detail. Designed to be perfect for layering.


— Female model is 165 cm / 5’5
— Male model is 180 cm / 5’11
— Oversized
— Round hemline
— Drape of a poncho around the waist
— Designed to be perfect for layering
— Ornamental sewing pattern in front & back
— Material: 100% Cotton, Signature Heavy Jersey



The DUNCAN Sweater is a reflection of the journey we take in rediscovering our inner child and rekindling our connection with our true selves. The unique merging of a basic, oversized form with a poncho-like drape represents the balance between comfort and self-expression, allowing wearers to embody their creativity and individuality. The precise half-circle hemline symbolizes the cyclical nature of growth and learning, as we continually evolve and reinvent ourselves throughout our lives. The subtle ornamental sewing pattern signifies the intricate and delicate connections we forge with our past, present, and future selves, reminding us that every experience contributes to who we are today. In wearing the DUNCAN Sweater, one embraces the spirit of MILQ and the pursuit of self-discovery, as they journey back to their authentic selves through fashion and personal expression.


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