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The TOSHIMA Tee presents a one-size, extended length design that reaches the kneecaps, adding a distinct touch to a classic silhouette. Composed of the signature heavy jersey material, this garment balances durability with an understated style. Suitable for a range of occasions, this versatile item allows for both casual and elevated looks. The elongated profile of the tee offers a bold aesthetic, subtly capturing attention.


— Female model is 165 cm / 5’5
— Male model is 180 cm / 5’11
— Classic silhouette
— Extended length design
— Material: 100% Cotton, Signature Heavy Jersey



The TOSHIMA Tee represents the journey of personal growth and the freedom to express one’s individuality. The elongated silhouette symbolizes the stretching and reaching for one’s goals, while remaining grounded in the essence of who we are. The limited edition nature of the tee highlights the uniqueness and rarity of each individual’s path, encouraging the wearer to embrace their own distinct qualities.

Drawing inspiration from the core message of MILQ, the TOSHIMA Tee serves as a reminder to stay connected to the authenticity and confidence of our childhood selves. The heavy cotton material reinforces the idea of resilience and endurance in the face of challenges and obstacles, promoting self-belief and the courage to take risks. As the wearer dons this piece, they are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the boldness of their true selves, just as they did as children.


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